Discover the diverse and flavorful cuisine found along latitude 14. Prepared by Ann Ahmed and her culinary team, the menu is inspired by their individual connections to Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and neighboring countries.


Meet Our Team


Ann Ahmed Owner / Executive Chef

Chef Ann Ahmed grew up in the kitchen with her mom and grandmother. Ann knew she wanted to own a restaurant ever since she was 14 years old. In 2005, her dream came true - Ann opened Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine in Brooklyn Park. Serving colorful and original dishes inspired by her travels around the world, Ann quickly gained a reputation for her unique Laotian spin on traditional Thai food.

Fast forward to 2018. After 13 years, Lemon Grass has grown from a tiny restaurant with just 10 tables to a larger restaurant with a sushi bar that seats 100. Now, Ann is ready for a new challenge. Lat14 Asian Eatery will allow Ann to experiment with unique flavor profiles without limitations and will give Minnesotans the opportunity to journey to different countries and cultures by experiencing their distinct flavors.


Joshua Walbolt Chef de Cuisine

Joshua brings his talent and years of experience to Lat14 as Chef de Cuisine. Having previously worked in New York City under the tutelage of Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Joshua moved to Disney Springs to open Morimoto Asia. After returning to Minnesota, Joshua trained under local chefs Alex Roberts, Gavin Kaysen and Tom Kavanaugh. Joshua is excited to bring his Cambodian and Thai roots to the inspired menu at Lat14.


Tate McAllan Sous Chef

Tate has spent nearly ten years in the restaurant industry, beginning his career at Ciatti’s. He managed to work his way up to Executive Sous Chef, all while attending college at St. Cloud State University. In the spring of 2017, he joined Gavin Kaysen’s opening team at Bellecour. While there, Tate split his time between Bellecour and Spoon and Stable. Tate is excited to join the Lat14 team and share his passion for creative and inspired cooking.


Michael Yuen Sous Chef

For as long as he can remember, Michael has always been fascinated by food. After his family immigrated to the U.S. from Hong Kong, his father’s family opened several Cantonese-style restaurants in Chicago’s Chinatown in the 1970’s. Michael spent much of his childhood in the kitchen alongside his grandmother. She happily taught him everything she knew about cooking authentic dishes and Michael was eager to learn. Her influence was instrumental in Michael’s decision to pursue a career in the kitchen. He eventually left Chicago for the Twin Cities and attended culinary school at the Art Institute of Minnesota. Soon after graduating in 2016, Michael landed a role as Sous Chef at the Lexington in St. Paul. He’s excited to bring the unique skills he’s learned from his grandmother to the kitchen at Lat14 and honored to be able to tell their story through the dishes he creates.


food IMG_5180.jpg



Steak 14
Curry Chicken 12
Pork 12
Shrimp 14

Pickles Carrots and Daikon, Cabbage Slaw, Cucumbers, Romaine Lettuce, Lime, Crushed Peanuts

Add Fried Egg +2
Add Lumpia +3


Peanut Sauce
Sesame Ginger
Soy Ginger Scallion
Roasted Pepper Sauce

Extra Sauce +1

Bánh Mì Sandwich

Chicken 12
Steak 15

Pickled Carrot and Daikon, Cucumbers, Jalapeño, Cilantro, Mint, Paté, House Garlic Mayo


All items come with a Cream Cheese, Wonton, and Cabbage Slaw.

add additional protein:

Chicken +2
Beef +4
Shrimp +4
Tofu +2

Bacon Pineapple Fried Rice....12

Pineapple Sambal Tumis, House Cured Bacon, Pickled Golden Raisins, Cashews, Egg, Onion, Scallion

Lao Jeow Bong Fried Rice....10

Red Chili Paste, Pork Floss, Fried Shallots, Sunny-Side Egg

Pad Thai....10

Scallion, Bean Sprouts, Pickled Sweet Radish, Peanuts, Lat14 Pad Thai Sauce

Drunken Noodles....10

Thick Rice Noodles, Dark Soy and Tamarind Sauce, Thai Basil, Tomatoes, Egg, Garlic

Thai Red Curry

Chicken 13 Shrimp 15 Tofu 12

Bell Peppers, Bamboo, Yellow Onions, Coconut Milk, Rice



Small Plates

Basil Wings....10

Tempura, Thai Basil, Jalapeños, Signature Dry Rub

Grilled Beef Satay....13

Khmer Herb Marinated Steak


Filipino Pork Eggroll, Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce 

Lao Yum Salad…14

Ground Pork, Mixed Greens, Lao Style Egg Yolk Dressing, Eggs, Peanuts

Bánh mì Tartine....15

Duck Liver Pâté, Grilled baguette, Orange Cognac Jus, House Pickles, Jalapeño, Cilantro


Ground Chicken Curry, Potato, Tamarind Sauce

Snow Crab Wonton....10

Cream Cheese, Snow Crab, Apricot Sweet Chili

Bison Lamb Tartare…16

Toasted Rise Aioli, Purple Rice Crackers, Quail Egg

Nam Khao....13

Crispy Rice, Thai Herb Salad, Nam, Peanuts

Lao Sausage…10

Ground Pork, Lemon Grass, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Thai Chillies, Roasted Tomato Jeow


Fried Rice

Bacon Pineapple....15

Pineapple Sambal Tumis, House Cured Bacon, Pickled Golden, Raisins, Cashews, Egg, Onion, Thai Greens Blend


Thai Basil Sambal, Egg, Onion

Jaew Bong....12

Red Chili Paste, Pork Floss, Sunny-Side Egg



Pad Thai....12

Scallion, Bean Sprouts, Pickled Sweet Radish, Peanuts, Lat14 Pad Thai Sauce

Drunken Noodles....12

Thick Rice Noodle, Dark Soy and Tamarind Sauce, Thai Basil, Tomatoes, Egg, Garlic

All items come with listed items, add additional protein:

Chicken 3

Beef 4

Duck Confit 8

Shrimp 5

Fried Tofu 4

Lat14 Signature 

Thai Basil Duck....32

Confit Duck, Pan-Seared Duck Breast, Roasted Mushroom Blend, Bok Choy, Tamarind Soya Glaze

Khao Soi Luang Prabang....18

Pork and Tomato Stew, Rice Noodle, Cilantro, Lime


Filipino Roasted Pork Belly, Black Pepper Vinegar, Mang Tomas

Aw Gai....17

Lao Style Stew with Chicken Thighs, Wood Ear Mushroom, Dill and Eggplant

Creamy Tom Yum Ramen....19

House Ramen Noodle, Tamarind Coconut Broth, Pickled Mushrooms, Shrimp, Scallops, Thai Herb Salad

Num Bahn Chok…19

Cambodian Rice Noodles, Snow Crab and Fish Gravy, Veggie Salad

Bangladeshi Beef Curry....17

Tender Bone-In Beef, Tomato, Onion, Kichurie Lentil Rice, Cucumber Salad

Whole Fried Snapper....MP

Red Coconut Curry Broth, Bell Peppers, Sweet Onion, Thai Herb Salad

Steak Laab…half 19 / full 36

Grilled Flat Iron Steak, Toasted Rice Powder, Herbs, Citrus Lemongrass Dressing


Fried Garlic Green Beans...7

Bacon and Cabbage...8

House Pickle Assortment...4

Spicy Fried Tofu...7

White Rice...2

Sticky Rice...3

Kichurie Steamed Rice...3

Grilled Sticky Rice...5




Bison Laab Tartare....16

Toasted Rice Aioli, Rice Cracker, Quail Egg

Breakfast Eggroll with Sriracha Ketchup....10

Longanisa, Egg, Bacon, Tater Tots, Cheddar Cheese

Snow Crab Wontons....10

Cream Cheese, Snow Crab, Apricot Sweet Chili

Basil Wings....10

Thai Basil, Jalapeños, Signature Dry Rub

Potato Wedge....7

Confit Potato in Duck Fat, Signature Dry Rub, Laab Aioli

Lao Yum Salad....14

Ground Pork, Lao Style Dressing, Greens, Eggs, Peanut

Duck Wings…12

Confit Duck with a Tamarind Glaze


Morning Glory

Duck Arroz Caldo....18

Duck Confit, Ginger, Lime, Fried Alliums, Chili Oil

Mee Ka Tee....16

Rice Noodles, Red Curry Coconut Broth, Lechon, Peanut,
Fried Alliums, Fresh Vegetables

Khao Piak Sen....15

Hand Cut Tapioca Rice Noodles, Chicken Broth,
Shredded Chicken

Bangladeshi Beef Curry with Roti…18

Bone in Beef Stew, Potatoes, Roti, Sweet Rice Pudding

Fried Rice

Jaew Bong....12

Red Chili Paste, Pork Floss, Sunny Side Egg, Fried Shallots

Bacon Pineapple....15

Pineapple Sambal Tumis, House Cured Bacon,
Pickled Golden Raisins, Cashews, Egg, Onion, Scallions

Classics With a Twist

Scrambled Egg....11

Pickled Mustard Greens, Scallions

Brunch Combo....16

Two Eggs, Chicken Longonisa, Two Strips of Bacon

Steak and Eggs....25

New York Strip, Two Fried Eggs, Fried Potato

Seafood Benedict....26

Lobster, Snow Crab, Bengali Butter Hollandaise


Fried Eggs...2


Grilled Sticky Rice...5

Bacon w/ Tamarind Glaze...8

Longonisa Sausage Patties...8

Lao Style Sausages...8




Old Fashioned...12

Old Forester 100 Proof, Palm Sugar, Lat14 Bitters Blend


Old Overholt Bonded, Palm Sugar, Peychauds Bitters, Absinthe


Jim Beam Rye, Contratto Bianco and Rosso Vermouths, Lat 14 Bitters Blend, Filthy Cherry

Hemingway Daiquiri...11

Lat14 Rum Blend, Luxardo Maraschino, Lime Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Simple



Beefeater, Barrow's Intense Ginger, Cucumber, Ginger Syrup, Lime Juice, Prosecco, Rosemary


Anchan Gin, R&W Crème de Violette, Luxardo Maraschino, Lemongrass Simple, Lemon Juice, Egg White


Novo Fogo Cachaça, Shiso, Lime Juice, Simple, Prosecco


Jasmine Gin, Contratto Bianco Vermouth, Bailoni Apricot Schnapps


Skaalvenn Habanero Rum, Reyes y Cobardes Cenzino Mezcal, El Jimador Tequila, Cartron Creme de Cassis, Palm Sugar, Soda, Chilies


Beefeater, Aperol, St. Germain, Lavender Syrup, Lemon Juice, Grapefruit Juice


Old Overholt Bonded Rye Whiskey, Campari, Contratto, Rosso Vermouth


Dewars Blended Scotch, Intense Ginger Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Palm Syrup, Topped with Ginger Kombucha

Jack Rose…13

Floodwall Apple Brandy, La Pommiere Calvados, Grenadine, Lemon Juice

Mezcal Last Word…16

Mezcal, Green Chartreuse, Luxardo Maraschino, LIme Juice,
V.E.P. Available 30


Deep Eddy Vodka, Cointreau Orange Liqueur, Rhum Clement Mahina Coconut Liqueur, Grapefruit Juice, Lime Juice, Lemongrass Syrup


Creme de Banane, Gran Classico, Clement Mahina Coco, Draft Kombucha, Angostura Bitters, Banana Chip

Day Old Cocktail…8

Yesterday’s Prosecco, Lawless Pink Gin
Limited availability

Non Alcoholic


Pop 3

Thai Tea 5

Fresh Coconut Juice 7

Blossoming Jasmine Hot Tea 7


Mocktails 6








House Red - Malvira 10/30

3 Degrees Pinot Noir 14/40

Malvira Barbera 16/45

Malvira Nebbiolo 18/55

Dashe Zinfandel 20/60


House White - Malvira 10

Amity White Pinot Noir 13/40

Groth Sauvignon Blanc 14/40

Malvira Roero Arneis 16

Bortolotti Prosecco 12




Malvira Nebbiolo 40

Tendril Child’s Play Pinot Noir 50

Dei 2015 40

Dei 2014 60

Malvira Nebbiolo 2015 60

Malvira Nebbiolo 2010 100

Tendril Pinot Noir 2014 80

Tendril C-Note Pinot Noir 175


Trust Riesling 2016 40

Stoller Chardonnay 50

Malvira Trinita Arneis 2004 50

Tendril The Pretender WPN 2013 80

Tendril Child’s Play Chard/WPN 50


Malvira Superiore Trinita 2008 400

Double 700

Borolotti Prosecco Reserva 175

Double 450

Dessert Wines

Höpler 75

Dei Vin Santo 70



Taps 6

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee (NA)

Ginger Honey Kombucha (NA)

Fair State Pils

Fair State Roselle

Steel Toe Size 7

Steel Toe Dissent

Insight Sunken City

Rotating Tap (ask your server)

Bottles & Cans

Domestic 5

Miller High Life

Grainbelt Nordeast

Dale’s Pale

Grapefruit White Claw

Import/Craft 6

Western Standard


Golden Monkey

Stella Artois


Chang Classic



La Chouffe 7



Private Dining

We are proud to offer our guests a private dining room.

For whatever reason, business or pleasure… lunch or dinner… the Lat14 private room will leave a lasting impression.




“Sneak Peek: Lat 14

A new and exciting Southeast Asian spot is coming to Golden Valley on Sept. 18.”

—Stephanie March Mpls. St. Paul Magazine


"Former Perkins in Golden Valley transformed into sleek southeast Asian restaurant

Even as a kid, Ann Ahmed knew the exact route of her career path. This is someone who wrote her first menu when was she was a sixth-grader."

—Rick Nelson Star Tribune


"Lemon Grass owner to debut new Southeast Asian restaurant in golden Valley

The new spot comes from the owner of a Brooklyn Park restaurant that is widely recognized as boasting some of the Twin Cities' best Thai food."

—Amelia Rayno Star Tribune


“Unlikely Suburban Location Sprouts New Southeast Asian Restaurant

Chef Ann Ahmed will open Lat14 in a former Perkins, next to Highway 55 in Golden Valley September 18 and serve a selection of Thai, [Laotian], and Filipino dishes.”

—Joy Summers Eater Twin Cities


“First look: Lat14 will bring southeast Asian delicacies and nifty DIY drinks to Golden Valley

A communal table faces the open kitchen, illuminated by clear glass pendant lights. By the bathrooms, a pink neon sign reading “From Asia with love” is positioned so that patrons can snap a photo of themselves with the reversed lettering in the opposite mirror.”

—Stacy Brooks Citypages



8815 7th Ave N

Golden Valley, MN 55427

(763) 400-7910


Lunch: Monday - Friday 11am - 2pm (walk-in only)

Dinner: Sunday - Thursday 5pm - 10pm

Friday - Saturday: 5pm - 11pm

Brunch: Saturday - Sunday 10am - 2pm